What is one short-term career goal that every job seeker should consider?

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    What is one short-term career goal that every job seeker should consider?

    From shifting the spotlight to health to setting strong intentions, here are 11 answers to the question, What are a few short-term career goals that every jobseeker should consider?

    • Focus on Health
    • Learn a New and Transferable Skill at Each New Job
    • Develop Effective Job Search Strategies
    • Build a Professional Brand
    • Provide Formal Training to a Peer
    • Sign Up for Professional Certifications
    • Write an Excellent Resume and Cover Letter
    • Create Better Visibility of Your Network
    • Practice Networking and Communication Skills
    • Shift Your Perspective
    • Be Intentional

    Focus on Health

    While many job seekers look at short-term career goals such as acquiring a new skill or being involved in mentoring as a priority, focusing on improving your health can be just as impactful to your career aspirations.

    Your health can affect your performance in everything from being able to focus better in an interview, to appearing and being more energetic, but often we get so focused on work-centric goals that our health goes on the back burner.

    Taking the time to work on both your physical and mental health, through an exercise program, a better diet, improving sleep, and meditation to reduce stress, will not only help your performance in the hiring process but can do so for both the short- and long-term searches.

    In making improving your health a part of your short-term career goals, a job seeker will implement a strategy that will have sustainable benefits.

    Cody Candee
    Cody CandeeCEO, Bounce

    Learn a New and Transferable Skill at Each New Job

    In the first three months of any new job, learn a new and transferable skill. This will accomplish three important goals for you:

    1. Identify to your new organization that you are a valuable asset who takes your new job seriously.
    2. Create a trusted role within the organization for some piece of work that you can be relied upon for.
    3. In the event the job ends abruptly, you now have a skill you can reference on your resume and speak well about for the next opportunity.

    This starting mindset allows a very short-term goal to have a long-term impact on your career.

    Dustin Sitar
    Dustin SitarHead of Growth & Marketing, BriteCo Inc

    Develop Effective Job Search Strategies

    This includes updating your resume and LinkedIn profile, researching companies that align with your career goals, and networking with people who can help you find job opportunities. Setting specific goals for the number of job applications or interviews you want to achieve each week can help you stay focused and motivated in your job search.

    Tiffany Payne
    Tiffany PayneHead of content, Pharmacy Online

    Build a Professional Brand

    Building a strong personal brand can help job seekers stand out from the competition and attract the attention of potential employers. This could involve creating a professional online presence through social media, blogging, or creating a personal website.

    Job seekers can also build their brand by developing a strong resume, cover letter, and portfolio that showcases their skills and achievements.

    Hamza  Usmani
    Hamza UsmaniHead of content, SEO-Audits.io

    Provide Formal Training to a Peer

    When organizations seek to elevate rank-and-file staff to management, few factors sway their opinions like experience with training, and for many reasons.

    First, if you have been asked to train someone, this suggests that your manager places significant faith in your abilities. Second, the skills required to train and coach someone are very similar to those required for management itself, highlighting your leadership ability. Last, if you have provided training, then you have experienced the junior-senior power dynamic and will already be accustomed to this relationship, preparing you for management.

    Consequently, hiring managers and HR professionals will be particularly swayed by resumes that explicitly mention providing formal training, representing an excellent short-term career goal to boost your profile and strengthen your resume.

    Ben Schwencke
    Ben SchwenckeBusiness Psychologist, Test Partnership

    Sign Up for Professional Certifications

    Jobseekers know well that with more certifications under their belts, it's a lot easier for them to grab coveted positions and grow just as quickly. So a great short-term career goal is signing up for relevant courses to bag some impactful professional certifications.

    The advantages of this move are obvious, with recruiters now finding it easier to shortlist your resume because you hold the right qualifications and even hiring managers putting you at the top of the list because they know you have the necessary skills to deliver.

    Yet another advantage is that this gets you into the habit of learning, and if you make it a habit, you will soon witness a soaring career.

    Ariav Cohen
    Ariav CohenVP of Marketing & Sales, Proprep

    Write an Excellent Resume and Cover Letter

    Your resume and cover letter are your first introduction to potential employers, and they play a crucial role in determining whether they will invite you for an interview.

    To create a strong resume and cover letter, research the company and job position you are applying for and highlight your relevant skills and experiences. Use clear and concise language, and proofread your documents carefully for spelling and grammar errors.

    Hemansi Kanjhlia
    Hemansi KanjhliaSenior Career Coach, upGrad

    Create Better Visibility of Your Network

    Job seekers can benefit strongly from their networks, as these provide insights into open positions, feedback on company culture, and can even serve as sponsors.

    Sometimes, we are unaware of how large our networks are or the industries and roles our connections have grown into. In order to have better visibility of your network, connect with every person you know on LinkedIn. You will see where they work today and the role they have. This can serve as an excellent starting point to get industry or company insights for your career planning.

    Pamela Kellert
    Pamela KellertFounder, Women Leading in STEM

    Practice Networking and Communication Skills

    A professional's ability to network and communicate effectively both within and outside the environment they are in determines how successful they will be. Individuals can position themselves for success in their careers as well as create meaningful and long-lasting relationships by investing time and energy in developing these skills in the short and long term.

    Arzoo Zehra
    Arzoo ZehraFounder , Perspective Career Solutions

    Shift Your Perspective

    There is a well-worn cliché about climbing the career ladder only to find when you get to the top that it was leaning against the wrong wall. Career ladders nowadays are really more like jungle gyms; sometimes you go up; sometimes, sideways; sometimes, you even drop down to take a different step up.

    The point is this—in the current world of work, with the Great Resignation and Quiet Quitting becoming part of our everyday language, don't put blinders on and think the only way forward is up: next promotion; better pay; next company, etc.

    I don't think quiet quitting or simply walking away is the way to go, but there are multiple creative ways to build a career that arguably didn't exist 20 years ago, or even 10. Get curious. Get creative. Imagine scaling your "career jungle gym.”

    Gary Anello
    Gary AnelloExecutive, Career, and Storytelling Coach/Consultant, Late Is Now Coaching and Consulting

    Be Intentional

    Do the work first to understand where you want to put your energy. Once you know what kind of job or organization you want to work for, double down on that. Stay focused and intentional, don't spread yourself too thin. Looking for work is HARD, so be kind and stay focused.

    Lisa Christie Torreggiani
    Lisa Christie TorreggianiFounder/Coach/Consutant, Lisa Christie Coaching and Consulting

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