The 18 Local Marketing Channels That Drive Results

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    Unfortunately, it’s easy for local partners to get lost in a labyrinth of marketing channels. And for corporate marketing teams, too many of their affiliates are running rogue campaigns and praying for results.

    BrandMuscle analyzed the top 27 local marketing channels to identify which drive tactics results and which drive marketing investments into a ditch.

    The Most Effective Local Marketing Channels Report is the fourth report inThe State of Local Marketing series.It reveals how to optimize local marketing programs for maximum impact and provides valuable insights into which channels drive outsized results.

    Choosing the right marketing channels can be challenging for affiliates in today's complex marketing landscape. That's why it’s critical to know which channels bring success and which ones can derail your local campaigns, resulting in wasted time, energy, and resources.

    "The best local marketing campaigns target the right audience, use impactful channels, and deliver compelling messaging. However, with countless channels to choose from, affiliates often struggle to execute impactful campaigns," said Erin Strong, Senior Vice President of Strategic Marketing.

    The information provided in the report makes it clear that channel selection can make or break the success of local marketing efforts.

    “Even the most seasoned marketers will be surprised to see the tried-and-true channels that they believe to be effective might not drive the expected results," said Strong.

    Key insights revealed:

    The marketing landscape is complex, but marketers who target the right audience, leverage impactful channels, and deliver compelling messaging can be successful in their local marketing campaigns.

    Read the report to see the analysis of all the marketing channels to see which 18 local marketers should focus on and which tactics they should ignore.

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