RChilli Collaborates with LightIdea to Transform Oracle Recruitment

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    RChilli, an Oracle Partner Network (OPN) member, is thrilled to announce its strategic partnership with LightIdea, a prominent player in cloud digital transformation.

    This collaboration emphasizes the shared commitment of both companies to transform the recruitment landscape for Oracle professionals, introducing efficiency and innovation into their hiring processes.

    RChilli, known for its cutting-edge resume parsing and precise candidate data extraction technology, has gained recognition in the HR tech industry. On the other hand, LightIdea is renowned for transforming your business with a cloud-based business management platform. Its comprehensive platform is designed to streamline operations and increase efficiency. These industry leaders are poised to provide Oracle recruiters with a cloud digital transformation by combining their strengths.

    The partnership between RChilli and LightIdea brings a host of valuable benefits to Oracle recruiters, including:

    "Our partnership with LightIdea is a testament to RChilli's commitment to collaboration and innovation," remarked Michael Josifovski, Head of Strategic Partnerships and alliances at RChilli. "LightIdea brings a fresh perspective and dynamic approach to the table, perfectly complementing RChilli's dedication to pushing boundaries in Oracle solutions. This is a truly promising collaboration of expertise that our end clients will greatly benefit from."

    Oracle recruiters can anticipate a more efficient, accurate, and data-driven recruitment process thanks to the alliance between RChilli and LightIdea. This partnership signifies a remarkable advancement in recruitment technology, offering benefits to organizations.

    For additional information about RChilli and LightIdea, please visit www.rchilli.com and www.lightidea.org, respectively.


    RChilli is a trusted partner for parsing, matching, and data enrichment, providing companies, in 50+ countries, with solutions built for the future of technology and recruiting. RChilli's innovative products, backed by an industry-leading tech stack, power the processing of 4.1+ billion docs a year for 1600+ top global recruiting platforms. Enabling companies to hire better talent faster since 2010, RChilli is ISO 27001:2013, SOC 2 Type II Certified, and GDPR Compliant.


    LightIdea is an Oracle Cloud partner that assists its clients in enhancing and effectively managing their business performance throughout the entire management process. They achieve this by developing business concepts and strategies, implementing proven performance management solutions for enterprises, providing tailored end-user support, and offering round-the-clock application support services.

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