Psychedelic Passage Resolves Issues in Psychedelic Therapy

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    Psychedelic Passage, a pioneering organization in the field of psychedelic therapy, is proud to announce groundbreaking solutions designed to bridge critical gaps that have been hindering the progress of this promising therapeutic modality.

    Psychedelic Passage began with a simple yet profound purpose: to connect people with trusted psychedelic guides in their local communities. However, as they ventured deeper into this endeavor, it became evident that many clients not only lacked clarity regarding their therapeutic needs but also struggled to assess the qualifications of potential guides. This often results in clients experiencing facilitator abuse, ethical violations and substandard care.

    Determined to offer appropriate guidance, Psychedelic Passage has developed a three-pronged approach for resolving industry issues; encompassing client advocacy, provider vetting, and provider accountability. As a psychedelic therapy concierge service, they’ve strategically positioned themselves as a liaison between clients and their highly vetted network of guides.

    Under this innovative model, clients are first connected with a knowledgeable concierge who gets to know them and their situation. These concierges provide invaluable insights into the psychedelic therapy process, facilitate discussions on treatment options, and offer personalized referrals to facilitators within their trusted network.

    “By serving as an impartial body overseeing a network of facilitators, each with their own private practice, we’re in a truly unique position to advocate for our clients without any conflicts of interest”, says co-founder Nicholas Levich.

    Psychedelic Passage firmly contends that even in states with licensure requirements, the standards imposed on facilitators do not sufficiently uphold the appropriate level of professionalism, ethics, and oversight. This, regrettably, has created an environment where incidents of facilitator abuse and ethical violations are widespread.

    In response, Psychedelic Passage has undertaken the responsibility of elevating thestandards of facilitator qualifications. These include a minimum amount of prior facilitation experience, comprehensive interview process, a commitment to being independently client reviewed, third-party recommendations, and a pledge to exit the network if all standards are not upheld. On the contrary, state licensure only requires age requirements, criminal background checks, and basic facilitator training.

    Currently, no other organization has demonstrated equal commitment to providing client advocacy, offering recourse in the event of facilitator-related issues, and upholding rigorous standards for facilitators. Psychedelic Passage proudly stands as the first and only U.S. company to develop a customizable, nationwide at-home psilocybin therapy program.

    To learn more about Psychedelic Passage and explore their range of services,book a consultationwith their concierge team, or Get informed on the nuances of psychedelic therapy by streaming thePsychedelic Passage podcaston all platforms, and by visiting theirblog page.

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