Psychedelic Passage Launches Nation's First Psychedelic Concierge Service

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    Psychedelic Passage, the first-ever psychedelic concierge service, announces the official launch of its rebranded website, solidifying its mission to offer personalized referrals to a nationwide network of pre-vetted psychedelic facilitators.

    Since its establishment in 2019, the vision for Psychedelic Passage has embarked on a transformative journey of its own. What once started as a small team of psychedelic facilitators, has now evolved into an all-encompassing platform that connects individuals with a widespread network of verified and experienced psychedelic experts.

    "Over the last 4 years, we’ve come to intimately understand the challenges individuals face in navigating the psychedelic landscape," says co-founder Nicholas Levich. "Many people are seeking the profound benefits of psychedelic medicine, but they lack the necessary tools to confidently qualify facilitators.”

    A long-standing hands-on approach by co-founders Jimmy Nguyen and Nicholas Levich has revealed a crucial industry need for psychedelic harm reduction services that include journeyer advocacy and recourse for bad actors.

    That’s why today, after successfully connecting over 850 clients with their US-based network of psychedelic facilitators, Psychedelic Passage announces their strategic decision to embrace a full-fledged concierge model. The company’s partnership with trusted professionals ensures that clients have tailored access to skilled facilitators who embody the highest standards of expertise and ethics.

    Facilitators in their network offer microdosing coaching, preparation, integration, and ceremonial guidance, but Psychedelic Passage’s concierge service extends beyond connecting individuals with facilitators. Their intuitive online platform allows clients to explore modalities, understand benefits, and schedule one-on-one consultations with knowledgeable concierges, all from the comfort of their own home.

    Nguyen says, “Everyone is at different stages in their personal healing journey. Some are hearing about psychedelic healing for the first time, others are becoming reacquainted with the medicine after limited exposure to its recreational use. Our goal is to ensure that anyone seeking to explore an intentional psychedelic experience has the proper support to navigate the journey safely and productively.”

    To learn more about Psychedelic Passage and explore their range of services,book a consultationwith their concierge team, or Get informed on all-things psychedelic by streaming thePsychedelic Passage Podcaston all platforms, and by visiting thePsychedelic Passage Blog Page.

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