Introducing Beyond Psychedelics Podcast: Amplifying Awareness and Support for the Rapidly Growing Psychedelics Industry

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    Beyond Marketing, a leading marketing agency in the psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health spaces is proud to announce the launch of the Beyond Psychedelics Podcast. This groundbreaking podcast aims to bring awareness, exposure, and support to the rapidly growing psychedelics industry while providing valuable insights from industry leaders and experts.

    Hosted by Sebastian Yepes, VP of Business Development, Dr.Karan Narwal, MD, Medical & Education Director, and Scott Theaman, Founder and CEO of Beyond Marketing, Beyond Psychedelics Podcast is committed to fostering understanding and facilitating open conversations about the science, culture, andbusiness of psychedelic-assisted therapy. The podcast seeks to support individuals worldwide in comprehending the significant breakthroughs that can be achieved through this transformative therapeutic approach.

    In recent years, psychedelics have gained significant attention for their potential therapeutic applications, spiritual exploration, and enhanced well-being. "Beyond Psychedelics" aims to be the intersection between scientific research, personal experiences, and cultural perspectives to foster a deeper understanding of the profound effects of psychedelics on individuals and society.

    "As marketing leaders in the psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health spaces, our podcast serves as a powerful platform, bridging the gap between the complex world of psychedelics and the everyday lives of individuals," says Scott Theaman, CEO of Beyond Marketing. “By sharing deep insights, practical tools, and inspirational stories, we empower listeners to make informed decisions and embark on transformative journeys towards wellness and a better quality of life."

    Beyond Marketing, known for its work with hundreds of TMS, Ketamine Clinics, and Wellness Centers across the USA, Canada, and the UK, has significantly impacted in 2023. Through the combined efforts of clinics nationwide, Beyond Marketing has reached over 1.2 million people, generating more than 57,000 inquiries into treatment and assisting over 5,000 new patients in accessing transformative care.

    As the psychedelics industry continues to expand, the “Beyond Psychedelics” Podcast serves as a crucial platform to disseminate knowledge, provide guidance, and contribute to the overall growth of the field. By shining a light on the immense potential of psychedelic-assisted therapy, this podcast strives to create a world where healing and personal development are accessible to all.

    AboutBeyond Marketing

    Beyond Marketing is a leading marketing agency specializing in psychedelic-assisted therapy and mental health spaces. With a mission to amplify awareness and accessibility to transformative treatments, Beyond Marketing partners with clinics and wellness centers to create innovative marketing strategies and initiatives. They aim to foster a global shift towards mental health and well-being through their expertise.

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